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Introducing the Love Is Blind Club Newsletter

Romance! Heartbreak! Mess! Love?

When Love Is Blind debuted in 2020, it felt frighteningly prescient. The “experiment” asked whether it was possible to fall in love with someone without physical contact — without knowing, in fact, what the other person looked like. For some, it worked; for others, it failed painfully. And we watched it all unravel, from the pods to the altar.

For five seasons, the reality-TV wonder has produced endless fodder for conversation, optimism, judgment, hatred, disgust, armchair psychoanalysis, and — of course — Schadenfreude. Now, with season six premiering on Valentine’s Day, we are proposing that we set out on this journey together with our next subscriber-exclusive pop-up newsletter, Love Is Blind Club. Much like we did for the final season of Succession and the latest season of And Just Like That …, we’re gathering writers and editors to discuss, debate, and obsess over all the dramatic minutiae of the latest episodes, alongside our subscribers. We’ll be bringing in folks from across the magazine — from TV critics at Vulture to editors at the Cut who devour dating shows.

Together, we’ll work through the questions that are probably on your mind, too, like: Is this couple a good match? Will they last? Who’s the better match in this love triangle? Is anyone on this show actually ready for love?  And, of course: Is love truly blind?

Existing New York Magazine subscribers can click here to sign up now, then look out for our first edition about this season — a primer introducing the show and revisiting some highlights from past seasons — on February 13. Later that week, you’ll get newsletters covering the first six episodes, all of which drop February 14. For the rest of the season, you’ll hear from us weekly. Not a New York Magazine subscriber yet? Subscribe here to join us!

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