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IoT consumer hardware tech stack and build out?

<*** class="md">We are building a consumer hardware product and are hoping for some advice in terms of tech stack and how to go about building it. Im not an engineer so please excuse but heres some info to start. Its a fairly simple it mobile app that we already have the uxui created. Functions/data sent would include on/off, setting timers, temperature, and push notifications. It will include a typical sign up (email/pass), connect to device (wifi) provisioning, and mqtt. The app is not needed for the hardware but acts as an added way for users to control the device if they want to. (example: anova sous vide)

We are planning the frontend with Flutter and backend with AWS iot core. Ive also read an admin panel would be good to have as well. Should we stick with AWS services, (iot core, database, etc) or use custom options? We have a limited budget and would prefer manageable and streamlined ops if possible.

For building it, should we go with an agency or freelancers (upwork,,, etc) And with freelancers should we have both front and backend hires? Like hire a flutter pro to build the code (based on our uxui design) and then hire an aws pro to build out the services? And how do you see similar startups building and then scaling the app?

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