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IoT role – looking for some advice/recommendations :3


Signed up to Reddit specifically to reach out to the tech community an seek advice, sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place.

[TLDR: Looking for any help/pointers for a job interview in the IoT accelerator field]

I've been interning at a tech start up (PaaS) for the past year as a Platform and Community Manager and fallen in love with the tech world and keen to peruse a full time career in the sector. I've somehow landed a job interview on Monday for a Digital Customer Engagement (Portfolio Manager) in the IoT accelerator department at Ericsson. From the job desc looks like it's a mix of communications and account management which I'm comfortable doing and then some work with creating customer journey data virtualization and making plans to improve and better those systems across the org which I have done a little of but not a lot.

I'll spend the weekend reading up on IoT in general but if anyone has any tips/reading recommendations or if you work with this or something similar already I'd be so interested to know what you would expect someone to know at an interview.

Very thankful to you all in advance!


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