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Is attempting pronunciation of other cultures words appropriate or cringe?

<*** class="md">I'm a (very) white American who grew up in the Midwest and was in a family that rarely appreciated world cultures and language. I've since grown up to appreciate the vast differences in culture, language, history etc. but above all, I really enjoy world cuisine. Still in the Midwest I do tend to easily gravitate to more Hispanic/Mexican type communities and now have some connections with some wonderful people that directly immigrated.
I would love to explore more, and be able to learn and celebrate various cuisines with these people.

My question is, as I learn the language, various terms and local pronunciations. Is it more appropriate to attempt my best to say something properly? I try not to completely butcher a language but I never learned but I would love that to change. I have a very Midwestern kind of accent and it just sounds strange to me to just say a single or term in Spanish (for example) and switch back to my regular accent.

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