Is Cisco SG300-10PP & QoS appropriate to share bandwidth?

We're going to let some empty space in our office building soon. The potential client needs an internet connection for their systems (including VoIP).For ourselves we have a resilient ethernet setup, which uses Cisco HSRP to choose which connection is live.

Our primary connection is a 1GB line, but for ourselves we're only using 100MB and our ISP lets us buy additional bandwidth in 100MB chunks. They're only going to have 12 - 20 workers here, so the VoIP traffic will be negligible, and for the rest it's cloud document stores for legal documents.

Between our external routers and our primary firewall we have the SG300, that allows the routers to communicate and keeps all of that stuff on the other side of our firewall.

I'd like just take a feed from the SG300-10PP, and put it into the room that will be the new clients 'server room' as their internet connection. It's outside of our firewall so I think the risk to us and them is pretty low in that sense. The question is (assuming the basic premise isn't fundamentally broken) will a port QoS rule giving them 100MB and us 100MB be robust enough that no one will feel like they're being short changed. Any thoughts and feedback appreciated.

Edit: quick doodle diagram added for clarity

enter image description here

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