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Is it possible to access a machine behind an ISP NAT (by publishing somehow IP and port to DDNS service?)?

        Here is my setup: I have a machine I would like to be able to reach from the internet from outside my home over a single port (for example, for SSH-ing into it). The machine is behind my home router (I have full control over it, this if fine), and my ISP uses dynamic IPs, with NAT on their end. So, my public IP is both changing (which I am used to and can solved by using a DDNS service like, but in addition my public IP is shared between several customers (which is the issue I do not know how to solve).
My question is: is there a way, somehow, to still allow me to reach my machine on a single specific port, by publishing to the DDNS service both an IP, and a port that I know will be routed back to my home router on a specific port, that I can then route back to my machine? I do not know how to address this question and if this is doable or not. If not, I can think about other ways to make my machine reachable (through an onion service for example; any other suggestions that would come free of charges? I do not want to be relying on a "jump reverse ssh tunnel machine" on the cloud, as I do not want to pay for it).

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