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It’s Atlanta meets Entourage, but with sexier accents: the brilliant French rap drama that’s breaking records

All The Way Up is a thrilling dive into the French hip-hop scene that became a word-of-mouth sensation there, watched by tens of millions. Now, it lands in the UK at last ‘Life in juvie ain’t no movie / I might deal drugs but one day I’ll rule the thugs.” Oui, welcome to All The Way Up (or Validé in its native tongue). It’s the French hip-hop dramedy you didn’t know you needed in your life but almost definitely do. Gallic TV imports are à la mode, with the likes of thief romp Lupin and thesp-com Call My Agent! having won over fans and critics in recent years – not to mention the loyal followings of long-running shows such as spy saga The Bureau and twisty policier Spiral. Now, after a two-year wait, All The Way Up is finally available for streaming in the UK – and the opening line of dialogue is uncannily apt: “What’s the delay, dickwad?” Continue reading...

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