Jodie Foster: ‘I have a magical thinking that I can cope with anything’

Five years after her last acting role, the double Oscar-winner is back with Hotel Artemis. She talks about always playing tough characters, the lack of roles for older women and her friendship with Mel Gibson
Over the course of her 52-years-and-counting career, her roles have included a child prostitute, an FBI agent, a feral woman in the woods, a scientist who communicates with aliens, a mother searching for her missing child and, perhaps most notoriously, a woman whose husband can only communicate via a beaver puppet, so you can’t really say there is a typical Jodie Foster role. There is, however, a typical Foster expression. Think of Foster on screen and it’s likely that you picture her staring furiously ahead, her lips thin, every nerve radiating rigid control. And given Foster’s own life, that seems apt. Seriously, imagine how much self-control you would need to survive a life like Foster’s and still be functional. To come through childhood megastardom unscathed and to keep going after a man tries to assassinate the president because, he says, he was trying to impress you. To then determinedly make the shift into adult roles by taking on characters others advise you not to because they are deemed too risky, including that of a brutally raped woman in The Accused and Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs, both of which won Foster Oscars. Continue reading...

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