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Kermit and Fozzie: ‘I’d like to try The Great British Bake Off – especially if it was custard pies’

The Muppets’ top entertainers answer your questions about festive traditions, Miss Piggy and working with their good friend Michael Caine Let’s talk size here, guys: are you, Kermit, a very big frog, or are you, Fozzie – like Tom Cruise – a very small bear? Abney15
Kermit: I’m your average size frog, especially in my family. As one of more than 2,000-plus siblings, I’m smack dab in the middle in order of height: not as small as my sister, Kismet, or as big as my brother, Kromit.
Fozzie: Tom Cruise is a bear? I didn’t know that. I’ve got to go see his movies again. You’d think I’d notice something like that. I imagine you’d be great teamed together on the BBC’s Bargain Hunt. Would you be up for it? Murdomania
K: Bargain Hunt sounds like fun. But if you want a real bargain hunter, you should call Miss Piggy. She really knows how to find a bargain … then ignore it and buy the most expensive thing in the store.
F: I think I’d like to try The Great British Bake Off, especially if we were making custard pies. Along with rubber chickens and whoopee cushions, custard pies are a big part of my act. Continue reading...

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