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Key Issues in the Story

The key issue in this story is a crime. Two crimes clearly emerge. One is that there is likely that Black Block protest groups want to disrupt the Democratic-Republican National Convention and secondly, the detectives identify ****** predators as one of the people giving them intelligence over a group that intends to destruct the convention. This story also presents a typical situation whereby the law enforcement agencies shares information in the process of trying to bombard crime.  One of the key issues in the story is intelligence gathering and sharing. The story presents an emergency meeting called by FBI Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge of Tampa Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Key Issues in the Story
Key Issues in the Story







Underwood, as well as Sheila Freeman, who are the undercover agents detached to the Tampa, are present in the meeting to discuss the intelligence they have gathered over a criminal group that intends to disrupt the Democratic-Republican National Convention. Inside the meeting, it comes to be known that one person who had been working with the detectives is a ****** criminal and more so a recidivist.   And hence, the meeting gets knit to discuss a likely ****** harassment concern that comes to the attention of the meeting by detectives Underwood as well as Freeman. Therefore, the work of the investigators appears to be in danger from the fact that the person seen as resourceful to the detectives is a registered ****** predator. It presents a fundamental concern that the investigators can fall victims in the hand of this man who of cause they cannot reveal themselves as de detectives to him. Therefore, the society is complex in that while there may be initiatives to address a particular crime in the community, the efforts can help in uncovering other crimes that are even close to the law enforcement agencies. Similarly, people with specific crimes are always good sources of intelligence on other offenses, particularly when studied in a secret manner. In particular, CI 13-01 in this story is described as ****** predators while at the same time, he is acting as a source of intelligence over other criminal groups. The story, therefore, presents a view that law enforcement can employ a tactic of setting a thief to catch a thief in the process of information gathering so long as the identity issues remain very d secretive (Tipton, Tipton,  Messina & Corroney, 2008).

Factors Need to Consider in Resolving the Issues

Many factors may need to get into consideration in addressing ****** protest as well as possible ****** victimization. First, the issues that demand to get resolved are stopping the Black Block protest groups that want to disrupt the Democratic-Republican National Convention, apprehending the ****** predator as well as continued intelligence gathering. In the effort of stopping the group from disrupting the convention, detectives as well as the law enforcement agencies must consider that rightful information is necessary to get to the top of the group and destroy the group (Smyth, Ludwig & Hardy, 1978). The other factor is that the detectives must ensure that they remain unknown to the ****** predator so that they can get vital information on the group. Similarly, they have to consider that while on their duty, their responsibility they must ensure that they watch out on other crimes which can provide a link to the Black Block protest groups.  Another critical factor to consider is that while the detectives are in to solve the problem, they must be aware that the intelligence source is a dangerous criminal.

When it comes to arresting the ****** predator, it remains critical for the detectives in that the detention of this person will translate to losing a great source of intelligence.  Similarly, revealing themselves to CI 13-01 may make this person to fear and run away.  Similarly, working with this person is a great danger to the detectives from the fact that he openly seems to be a real ****** offender from the ****** gestures he presents to the female detectives. Therefore, the law enforcement gets left with no option but to ensure their security, give the criminal ****** time so that they get all the vital information before they may arrest him. This approach is necessary from the fact that, the detectives still need intelligence and the most reliable source is the ****** criminal.

Since the ****** predator is the key source of information, the investigators need to give him time.  It will ensure that the predator provides all vital information on the Black Block protest groups. Any tempts to make an early arrest may translate to losing a valuable intelligence source.  The suggestion also bases on the fact that arresting him can lead him to refuse intentionally to offer information.

Detectives also need to continue working with CI 13-01 so that it provides a favorable environment to capture him when the right time comes. Stopping to work with him may make him vanish from the fact that criminal never like staying at one place. The other factor to consider in solving the issues in this story is that all the issues are interlinked, and one depends on the other. Detectives depend on CI 13-01 for intelligence over Black Block protest groups.  Therefore, CI 13-01 is the determiner of the investigators’ success. Knowing this becomes an important factor from the fact that it can help detectives to set boundaries so that the relationship benefits crime prevention.

Commendations to Resolve the Issue

Resolving the issues in the story is a critical issue that demands great care. Black Block protest groups can become prevented from disrupting the convection from many ways.  It becomes recommendable that the detectives continue to work with CI 13-01 so that the group can get disrupted before it disrupts the meeting. Arrests can be made of group members so that it sends deterrent information to other members. After the arrests, the law enforcement can use the media to warn the group members against engaging in any troublesome behavior during the convention. Similarly, law enforcement presence at the venue of the conference on the material day can also work well to prevent any protests (Smyth, Ludwig & Hardy, 1978).  Therefore, detectives need to collaborate with sheriffs so that the venue can get guarded by enough personnel on a material day.

It is also a great recommendation that the detectives be careful while working with CI 13-01 in the process of information gathering.  This step can be vital from the fact that they will avoid becoming victims of ****** assault. As a recommendation, they can always be walking with strategically hidden weapon so that they can defend themselves in case the attack occurs. Similarly, while the female detectives go out to meet CI 13-01, it is recommendable for a male undercover to survey around just to ensure the security of the female detectives.

It is also recommendable that the detective continues to hide their identities from CI 13-01 and continue to work with him. Since he is a great source of intelligence, he can help them to reach the Black Block protest groups network and destroy it. Hiding their identities will ensure that the ****** offend remain an informant of the detectives.  Since the informant is a criminal, revealing the identities as detectives will not only make him freeze information sharing, but also make him run away in fear of getting arrested.

Arrest on CI 13-01 should only be made after he has offered all critical intelligence concerning the group. This step will ensure that the detectives have all essential information that can help them crime preventing initiatives. Early arrests may stop getting critical intelligence, and this can give an opportunity to Black Block protest groups to succeed in the plans.

Detectives must also avoid situations that can lead to their ****** victimization (Larsen, Whittle & Finnis, 2012).  The reason is that occurrence of such event can make CI 13-01 to run away, or it can also prompt an arrest which will prevent further intelligence gathering from this criminal.

After the protests get prevented, it is important for the law enforcement to use different detectives to arrest the ****** predator.  The reason is that using same detectives can scare the predator in future when it comes to sharing information or trusting any individual around them. It can also reveal their identities which can negatively affect the work of intelligence gathering. Similarly, the ****** predator must not discover that the ladies were detectives.


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