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Large scale lora nodes, hardware advice for a newb

Hi all,

Sorry if this post is quite similar, I see there are many people asking for similar advice but finding it difficult to get through some IoT concepts which I am unfamiliar with. I am a software developer with little experience in the hardware side of things. Other people mentioning things like sim cards which I do not need, I plan to transmit everything via Lora.

I am setting up a relatively large network of nodes on Things Network and we are looking to have 100+ devices which will submit distance and temperature data from sensors.

There seems to be 2 main options:
1 - Buy a prebuilt board such as Lilygo TTGO Beam v1and connect a distance sensor such as Ultrasonic Sensor Ranging Module PH2.0 Interface YwRobot for Arduino.
I have also seen other sensors like the Geekcreit® Ultrasonic Module HC-SR0 but this seems to need to be soldered onto the board?
Also not sure if either of these devices have the correct voltage for the TTGO Beam.

2 - Other option is to gather the pieces individually, this would surely save quite a large cost but somewhat nervous about doing this with no equipment or experience in soldering. I found some good guides on what parts to use from Andreas Spiss on youtube.

Any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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