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Leadership is an essential attribute that one should possess irrespective of the roles, and it is instrumental when it comes to the management of other people. The success of one’s leadership is dependent on the possession of an assortment of qualities and values that ensure that they are effective in their roles. Among these qualities that one needs to possess is the fact that they should be great communicators, in that through this attribute, one can pass instructions to all the necessary stakeholders. Integrity is an additional quality that an individual should possess as it earns them respect and appreciation from those around them. Good listening quality is a quality that is vital to an individual as it ensures that one reacts appropriately to whatever issues that may be before them, ensuring success in their duties. It further promotes resolution of conflicts as it ensures all the parties are heard.

Being supportive is an essential quality that ensures one is respected by all those around them, with being approachable enhancing an individual’s leadership skills and success in their roles as people are not afraid of them, allowing them to listen to ideas from their groups. Trustworthy is one of the most important features in establishing the legitimacy of leaderships as all the stakeholders believe that an individual is doing what is best for all the involved parties. Some of the traits a leader should never have included being judgmental as it makes it impossible for employees to approach them with new ideas. Failing to trust the employees’ works against the leadership as the employees feel treated unfairly, holding back their dedication and productivity. Failing to support decisions that the staff does further works against the organizational leadership as employees feel that they are being demeaned, thus lowering their morale and dedication to the organization which affects productivity.

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