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Learning environment

Question One
I loved the class because the teacher was able to establish a positive learning environment. From the start, the teacher was able to create an environment that ensured students were able to ask questions and engage in class discussion and debates without fear. I also appreciated that the instructor set clear expectations from the start. The instructor provided us with a detailed course outline as well as a clear list of class objectives. The objectives provided the class with a sense of direction, and at the end of the course, I confirmed that all objectives for the unit had been attained. However, I would encourage the instructor to provide us with more assignments. Assignments are critical for purposes of revision. I would also encourage the teacher to give more group assignments thus allowing students to share ideas through discussions.
Question seven
My favorite tech-toy at the moment is my Fit bit Alta HR. The gadget is a fitness tracker that I wear most of the time. The gadget fits as a wristband or a watch thus hardly to notice. The gadget also comes with the ability to swap the band thus attain a different look when the need arises. The gadget has helped me to stay in touch on matters of my health. The gadget keeps my heart rate in check and thus enables me to know when there are any abnormalities. The gadget also keeps of my sleep patterns and notifies me on any abnormalities. I just wish that the gadget could detect all health issues such as increasing temperatures or blood sugars so that health complications are detected early. Irrespective of the overflow of technology it is possible for the public to use technology responsibility thus retain the serenity and peace that existed before.
Question Four
Money in politics is a problem as it threatens democracy. The situation becomes very serious when there are wealthy individuals that make big donations to political campaigns. The politicians end up being a puppet for the influential donor for as long as he is in office. The donors use the politicians to push for their personal interest. In the end, the politicians fail to deliver to his constituents. The first thing I would do to regulate money in politics is to stop the practice of campaign donations and lobbying. Most influential donors send their funds as donations albeit with strings attached. I would also encourage transparency and ensure that each politician accounts for the source of his political funds. I would also embark on an awareness campaign where I encourage the public to report incidences of corruption as well as advocate for issues and demand for accountability from their politicians.
Question Five
Overfishing is an ideal example of the tragedy of commons. Overfishing has depleted fish, and the stick of fish such as cod and tuna has depleted. The high sea is a common resource and fishing is open to all. Unfortunately, the open to all policy has led to over-exploitation as fishermen capture fish in large quantities. The situation is worsened because small and immature fish are not given an opportunity to grow as they are also fished out. Governments can work together to establish the registration o fishing vessels. Registration will reduce the occurrence of illegal fishing. Governments should also strive to establish marine reserves where sigh will be allowed to stock up.

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