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Letter to the instructor


Several weeks ago, we started a journey to improve our writing and in general communication skills. It is evident that the few weeks have been one of the most transformative times in my life. They have helped me understand numerous writing skills that will form the foundation for not only being a good writer but improving my overall academic performance. At the beginning of the course, I had numerous weaknesses as a writer, which I sought to improve.

First, I had challenges approaching writing from an academic or professional approach. I never took the time to plan or strategize what I am going to write. However, I understand the importance of planning before beginning to write. For example, one has to take adequate time to select the topic and conduct thorough research on the topic before starting to write.

Secondly, I had numerous mistakes including omission of punctuation marks and poor choice of words. I have come to learn that understanding the audience is a critical element in selecting words to use. For example, the choice of words is different when writing a persuasive essay compared to when writing an argumentative essay. One has to adjust the tone of the writing and choose word perfectly. In addition, I have run the importance of revising and editing my work. In efforts to reduce punctuation errors, I have come to understand the importance of proofreading, editing and revising. We learned the various steps of writing that include editing and proofreading, which are important in identifying misspelled words, wrong word choices and most importantly identify omitted punctuation marks.

Thirdly, I had problems writing lengthy essays. Often, I would write very short essays or overemphasize some areas of the essay. The inability to balance an essay was very problematic when one has to inform the audience or achieve the desired impact on limited time or space. I have learned several ideas about how balance my writing so as to ensure the intent of the essay or writing is captured effectively.

The different types of essay provided different and insightful learning opportunities. Although all the essays provided unique challenges, one of the essays that I was pleased with is the argumentative essay. I have always had an interest in politics, which in one way influenced my approach to the essay. I always admire when top politicians face each other during debates because it is fascinating to listen how each of the politicians support their point of view. An argumentative essay helps one to prove their opinion, theory or hypothesis. It involves using facts and strong persuasive language to convince others why your side of the story is the right one. I have learned that, for one to make a strong and effective argumentative essay, one has to list all the advantages or pros and disadvantages of the topic of interest. The list of advantages and disadvantages is good in making claims and countering the claims. I have learned the importance of supporting every claim with strong points and facts.

The persuasive essay was very similar to argumentative essay and as such it was exciting. It involves making the audience adopt your position on an issue. In such an essay, we learned that rationale and argument. We learned that the aim of the persuasive essay was to convince the audience and as such, we should not overdo the language, bore that audience or use repetitive points. I addition, I learned how to apply the rules of a good paragraph. According to these rules, one single paragraph should have one single topic repeating. A good argumentative essay needs to have good transition and a strong conclusion. The transition ensures the audience or reader can follow the main topics. A good conclusion marks the culmination of the argumentative essay.

I must acknowledge several strong aspects of the class. First, the format of the class was excellent. Learners were able to obtain learning materials, lecturer’s note and feedback on time. The instructor provided adequate and up to date learning materials. The learning materials and textbooks were easy to find, most of them had simple language and easy to find. They had numerous illustrations and use of real-life examples which made it easy to learn. Timely feedback is vital to taking collection measures. The tutor provided adequate and timely feedback. In addition, the tutor made suggestions for improvement. These suggestions were important in improving the writing skills and refining the final document. Secondly, the instructor was on the spot on selecting the right and helpful books. The reference materials provided were excellent.

In conclusion, the unit had numerous strong areas and offered an excellent opportunity to improve my writing skills. I have made major strides in some areas such as editing my work and following the steps of effective writing. The essays provided an opportunity to build a strong academic foundation. I am grateful to the tutor for helping me achieve these milestones in reading.

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