Live Stream send Bandwidth extreme fluctuations

How can I isolate and correct an outbound bandwidth extreme fluctuation from high to near zero kb rates on webcam webinar room meetings. I am on a laptop gaming computor, core i7 16g ram dual graphics cards Intel and Nividia graphics and a logitech c920 usb webcam and tethered via PdaNet usb tether pptp vpn on a t-mobile mobile device. Speed tests range 65mb down 14mb up. Bandwidth in app range for send widely fluctuates, 3700kbs drop to 6kbs back up to 37kb, 50kb, 60kb, 9kb, 2300kb, etc. This hinders my ability to be seen and or heard when in webinar, room meetings. i've set group policy for both computer and administrator. firewall off, virus protections off, auto updates off. Windows 7 pro 64b. I have exhausted all I can think of. Please help. (I am not being throttled)

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