Locally Hosted Web Page Connection Challenge [on hold]

        I consider myself a fairly tech-savvy guy, but something about networking turns my brain to mush. I'm experiencing some weirdness with a page I'm hosting from my PC, and thought I'd ask the experts.
I'm running Ombi on my computer to make it easy for my friends and family to request movies for Plex. Getting Ombi up and running was relatively simple, and everything is working great through localhost! I've setup port forwarding on my modem (Arris, provided by Spectrum) and my router (Google router). I'm able to access Ombi from my phone at http://lilypad.dynu.net:5000 whether I'm on my own network or not. However, I cannot get any of my computers on my network to successfully connect with that URL. I just continue to get timeouts. I've tried Chrome (Normal and Incognito), Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. I simply get a timeout error. Furthermore, my friends are hit-or-miss on whether they can connect. Some are reporting 5 minutes to load the page. Once the page loads, however, everything runs smooth as can be. There's gotta be something I've overlooked. What I've deduced:
  • Port forwarding is setup correctly since I'm able to access the site from my phone. (And others are able to access the page intermittently.

  • I'm guessing it's simply a problem making the connection, since the page is responsive once the user is able to connect.

  • I don't think the problem is with Ombi specifically, since I'm able to connect with my phone, and the localhost instance of the site works wonders!

Any and all advice is appreciated. I'm quite stumped by this, and I'm certainly not too proud to run through the basics. You guys rock, Sregge

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