Cutting disc grinding amount

low price disc for metal

1) The amount of the knife on the back of the grinding machine is about 0.005mm. According to the nature and hardness of the workpiece steel, the hardness is increased or decreased. For example, if the hardness of the hardened steel is too high, the amount of the back knife is too large to cause burns, and the amount of the soft steel back is too small to be polished.

2) The single ****** of the lateral feed amount is 0.2~0.4mm. The speed of the transverse feed has a large influence on the surface roughness because the mirror-grinding cutting disc has a poor cutting ability. If the transverse feed rate is increased, the surface of the low price disc for metal is damaged, so that a very smooth surface cannot be obtained.

3) The longitudinal feed rate is 12~15 m/min. Longitudinal feed has a small effect on surface roughness, but if it is too slow, the surface of the workpiece will be corrugated or patterned.

4) Due to the poor cutting ability of the cutting disc during mirror grinding, the surface of the workpiece tends to have a knife mark (the circular workpiece is in the shape of a moon, and the rectangular workpiece is in the shape of a *****), which reflects that the surface of the workpiece is not straight, so it is necessary to make no Give the light for about two minutes.


When grinding, flush the water. Before grinding, fill the water tank, cut the disk cover, and clean the sink of the machine. Use filter paper and use the magnetic filter.

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