Cutting disc production quality and inspection

low price disc for metal


  1. Cutting disc production quality

To ensure the quality of the low price disc for metal production, high-quality raw materials, binders, and advanced production techniques must be used. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the production process, the quality of workers and other issues. Only a variety of problems have been paid attention to in order to produce high quality cutting discs.

2, the quality of the cutting disc inspection

After the cutting disc is released, it should be checked for balance, and the sound is checked for cracks or slewing tests. In order to ensure that the cutting disc is in use, it meets the requirements of the workpiece.

Second, the storage and transportation of cutting discs

1, the storage of the cutting disk

The cutting disc should not be stored in places that are prone to moisture, freezing and high temperature. The rubber cutting disc should avoid contact with oil. The resin cutting disc should be used for one year. The cutting disc exceeding the storage period should undergo strict inspection and confirmation. No problem can be used.

  1. Transportation of cutting discs

(1) The cutting disc must be completely packaged and transported to avoid a collision, and should not be exposed to moisture for a long time, and should not be in contact with alkalis;
(2) The cutting discs are stacked neatly in a flat manner, and cannot be inclined and pressed for a long time to prevent deformation;
(3), to avoid direct contact with the ground, must be stacked with a moisture-proof wooden pallet, the height of the ground is 10-15cm, the stacking height is not more than 1 meter;
(4) Implement the principle of advanced first use to ensure the best use period of the product;
(5) If the product has been retested for more than one year, it can be used again.

In recent years, there has been frequent news about the rupture of the cutting disc in use. Many companies push the responsibility of cutting discs to the cutting disc manufacturers. In fact, there are quality problems in the cracking of the cutting disc, but there are also aspects related to storage and transportation and the use of the cutting disc. Here, we will explain in detail why the cutting disc is broken.

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