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Making a shot blasting cabinet smart with esp32

Hi, for my masters thesis I am working in a company specified in HP multijet fusion 3D printing (similar to SLS). I would like to digitalise the site using, but most of the HP devices already are pretty smart in their way (able to use API’s etc). This the main focus lays on the compressed air, which uses a lot of energy, for the part unpacking phase and the final shotblasting for reaching the desired finish. I would use esp32s with sensors and using the microcontrollers to control existing contactors of the machine. (PLC is possible if it would add extra value)

The unpacking exists of a custom made machine. It consists of a cylindrical tube on an angle in which are installed a couple of pressurised air jets. The tube rotates which makes the parts tumble and eventually fall out the back (big chunk of powder removed). The shotblasting phase consists of 3 blasting cabinets with rotating drums inside and stationary nozzles. The first one uses a quite harsh abrasive while the last two use a detailing abrasive.

Any tips from users, or people who experienced this type of optimisation before?

All is welcome!

Thanks in advance

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