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Meet Cute review – charmless time travel romantic comedy

Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson can’t muster up enough chemistry for an increasingly annoying attempt to make an edgy romcom Meet Cute, a grating Peacock romcom starring Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson, dives straight into a classic story: boy meets girl at a New York bar – or, more specifically, girl eyes boy intensely from one end of the bar, asks him for a drink and seems to know what he’ll say before he says it. Cuoco’s perky Sheila and Davidson’s Gary, diffident and a bit disheveled, exchange rhythmic banter. A couple of sarcastic, too-mannered barbs later, they’re off on a solid New York first date: dinner at East Village staple Panna II Garden, dessert at an ice cream truck, a ferry ride, thrift shopping, beers at a polka bar, nightcap walk along the East River. Along the way, Sheila reveals the catch: their meet-cute seems to glide on air because they’ve practiced several times. She’s a time traveler from 24 hours in the future, running back the magic of their first date again and again. Sheila packages each info dump as flirty time-travel role play, a bit for the unwitting Gary to pitch back that quickly grows stale. As hard as Cuoco and Davidson try at chemistry – and Cuoco, at least, seems to be really trying – this umpteenth spin on the Groundhog Day time loop is more irksome than endearing, cutesy than actually cute, a downward spiral of uncomfortably performed neuroticism that devolves into a borderline indefensible ending. Palm Springs, this is not. Continue reading...

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