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Meg Stalter Remixes ‘Silk Chiffon’ for Her MUNA Audition

MUNA might be adding a new member. At Vulture Festival 2023, Gayotic, a podcast hosted by Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson, welcomed sassy comedian Meg Stalter, who wore a silk chiffon–like dress for the chat where she planted the seeds for the next phase of her career. “It’s not too late for me to start singing,” Stalter hinted to the band. After an hour of banter about being gay, growing up religious, and the (maybe fake??) moon landing, MUNA made Stalter’s dreams come true by inviting her to perform “Silk Chiffon” acoustically, with Gavin singing Phoebe Bridgers’s verse. Stalter sat backward in a chair before diving into her own remix of the lyrics. “So high and I’m feeling anxious,” she began. “And tell ‘em cherry lipstick / Take your jeans and pass them down the aisle / Make them your forever smile / Make you forever smile / Like, Life’s so fun, life’s so fun / Making out in a record store….” Thankfully, Maskin had already pitched their new band name with Stalter, FUNA. Because life’s so fun-a, duh!

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