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Midnight Oil: their 20 greatest songs – sorted

Since 1978, Midnight Oil have made 13 studio albums, two studio EPs and innumerable odds and sods. Here, Oils fan Andrew Stafford has a go at picking the dream set list In his memoir Big Blue Sky, Peter Garrett cites an iron law of rock (and Regurgitator): fans will always tell you that they like your old stuff better than your new stuff. That’s because, for any band that has a long career, songs are associated with the memories that we attach to them when we were growing up. I grew up with Midnight Oil. They were the first band I ever saw in concert, I’ve seen them more than most, and I was immensely privileged to write liner notes for their Overflow Tank boxset. In compiling this list, I’ve tried to bear in mind that my memories are no measure of a song’s quality, much less cultural impact. Continue reading...

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