Mission: Impossible – Fallout review: Tom Cruise remains a pneumatic treat

There is running, there is jumping and there is a fantastic punch-up in the gents: Christopher McQuarrie’s thriller muzzles the quips but never skimps on thrills The sixth Mission Impossible arrives, and with it the implausibly well-preserved and pneumatic Tom Cruise as IMF special agent Ethan Hunt - still choosing to accept missions, still on frontline duty while other action stars have long since lapsed into older roles or intermittent political careers. The Cruise is back and breaking out his signature moves: he’s doing the stiff-handed run, the face-rippling no-helmet motorbike racing, car chasing, free climbing on very high rocks - and he simply can’t see an aircraft of any sort taking off without wanting to board by swinging on it from a rope. It has to be admitted, this MI - the second from Christopher McQuarrie - is quite as silly and convoluted as any of the others, but the genre thrills are entertaining. There are colossal action scenes in Paris, London and finally a barking mad helicopter chase sequence in Kashmir, topped off with some outrageously vertiginous hanging-by-a-thread scenes which for me pleasingly brought back memories of Roger Moore-era Bond. And of course there is the traditional high-jinks with rubber masks, an essentially comic part of the IMF armoury entrusted to the cheeky Benji, played by Simon Pegg. It is why certain glowering people in the State Department have ungraciously called Ethan’s team “a bunch of grown men in rubber masks playing trick-or-treat”.
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