Modifying linux ping icmp payload [on hold]

        On analyzing ping request and reply from a windows system to Linux. It was observed that the windows ping request payload was 
"abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwabcdefghi" with size 32 bytes
Could this behavior be mimicked in any other system like Linux, means could someone create a ping request from Linux to impersonate as a windows ping request,
ping -t 128 -s 40 192.2.x.x , 
the above command in kali linux, gives ping request packet with icmp time stamp in linux (84 byte frame size) enter image description here Questions:
  1. can os footprinting be done using icmp packet analysis and how
  2. can someone send ping packets from linux with windows ping structure
  3. how to modify icmp payload in linux to abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwabcdefghi
  4. why ping packets in linux gives time stamp , and is there away to send them without it
New to wireshark, and icmp. Thank you so much for help

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