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Movie Comparison

The paper seeks to compare the film with other outside sources to help in reflecting about the occurrences to real life situations. There are different films that address the concept of marriage and families and are useful in describing the sociological perspectives in real life. The focus of the comparative essay is to expound on Marriage and Families as explained in the textbook and making a reference from a select movie. The selected textbook analysis is, “Think Marriages and Families, two editions. It has the latest research and the most contemporary examples that allow easy linkage into the classroom work. It delivers the core concepts of Marriage and Families in a way that the learner can understand. The topic of interest is choosing a Partner. The movie to focus on regards ways to choose the right life partner.

From the movie, it is evident that there are many factors that one needs to consider in the selection of a life partner. The important thing is to consider the things that are important to the individual partners separately. The first aspect is to find someone whom to connect with easily. It is important to choose someone who is easy to start a conversation with and proceed in the right direction. The two partners ought to enjoy doing things and talking about them together without getting bored. The potential partner ought to have same interests in which they embrace harmony in the things they purpose to do.

The selection of someone with common interests works in one’s favor. It is crucial to remember that all the interests do not have to be the same, but some would do. The two partners should have some things they love to do together like watching a movie, or undertaking some common chores at home or business. The scenarios are evident in the movie in which partners who have common interests have high chances of survival. The consideration of the partner’s intellect is crucial because it helps in ensuring that the two are at comparable levels. A laid-back person and an over-achiever cannot match their intellect. It threatens the success of the marriage by far since the two people are not at the same level of understanding. It is important to see eye to eye on how both partners can think and process their affairs appropriately.

Another consideration in the movie is setting standards in which the partner requires considering the standards of the family as well as for the individuals. The partners can be from different strata of the society but should not be completely different to avoid differences. Respect is an important consideration too as demonstrated in the movie when choosing the life partners. It is challenging to spend life with someone who has no respect for the others as well as respect for the dreams or personality. It is necessary to choose someone who acknowledges the other partner for the rest of their lives.

The essential consideration is the trustworthiness of the potential of both partners. Of the current occurrence in life, it is necessary to choose someone who is trustworthy. It is a challenge to lead a happy marriage if the two people do not trust each other in the things they purpose to do. According to the movie, there is need to spend time together since it develops and strengthens the bonds. As earlier identified, it is important to have similar interests which are crucial in spending time together on the things they love to undertake.

Kunz explains that dating is an important part of choosing the life partner since it provides an opportunity to learn each other and also communication about the issues of concern. The author makes reference to the mate selection theories that provide important insight into understanding the topic of choosing a marriage partner (Kunz, 2013).

According to the theories, individuals select a mate based on who can raise the most successful children. The basis of the choices made is natural selection in which women chose for a strong man who can take care of the family. Also considered is the need to produce healthy children where the primary focus is a reproduction. The theory of social homogamy helps to explain the variations in attraction between people. According to the theory, individuals are attracted to people of the same social background. Thus, an arranged marriage is an example of socially homogamous marriage because the people involved consider the social class of both families before making a decision on who to choose. Kunz gives the example of two individuals studying criminology, an Indian woman who married an Indian man or an African Jew who married an American Jew (Kunz, 2013).

The Ideal mate theory explains the attraction from a symbolic interactionist view. The theory explains that attraction occurs by a person’s unconscious image of the ideal mate formed in their minds and the meaning of the characteristics to them. It is possible to have loved at first sight due to the subconscious ideal figure with which one compares the person they are attracted to with the judgment of the person as a potential partner. Some people have a list of what they want in their partner in the form of characteristics and achievements.

For the social exchange theory, attraction is based on the reality than fantasy. The theory explains that people find their mates in their society because of attraction to different qualities in their mates. The partners identify the resources they would love to offer and what they would like from the mate as well. Rewards and costs are crucial in the selection of a marriage partner. The conflict and Feminist theory developmental perspective suggests that individuals find it challenging to relate to someone else without understanding who they are and their roles in life to maintain a lasting relationship. It requires a better understanding of what one has to offer the other and what one needs in return. Thus, it is not possible to have an intimate relationship without committing oneself and defining identity through the relationship (Kunz, 2013).  Women can define themselves through creating a connection with others and develop a committed relationship in the process of forming their identity. Men prefer to be independent in their relationships until the establishment if their lives.


As evident in the movie, it is important for the people planning to choose a life partner to consider the outlined aspects as well as theories for a successful life. Many families live in chaos due to lack of considering the important aspects described. The movie and the text on “Think Marriages and Families,” have comparable information about the best strategy to choose a life partner. Young people who plan to start their marriage life together ought to consider the factors and make informed decisions about them.


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