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Mr. Smith Likes The Golden Bachelor, Mrs. Smith Likes Farting

Brangelina they are not. For one, Donald Glover and Maya Erskine, stars of the upcoming Mr. and Mrs. Smith Amazon Prime series, are not currently fighting over a wine empire. But also, they are not superhumanly gorgeous deities molded by God into chic perfection. Instead, they have bunions. Based on a recent feature in Entertainment Weekly, it appears that the idea behind the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith is to take everything people like about the original film (beauty, perfection, no fart jokes) and get rid of it in favor of the opposite (normies acting normal, many fart jokes). “While we do have iconic travel and really glamorous shoot-’em-ups and whatnot, the essence of the show is, at one point, a character running home after chasing bad guys all day and taking their shoe off and actually seeing a blister because they wore the wrong shoes,” Francesca Sloane, who co-created the show with Glover, said of the project. Glover, meanwhile, thinks of the series as being in the same spirit as ABC’s The Golden Bachelor. “You watch The Golden Bachelor and it’s such a different show than the regular [Bachelor] — you actually care about these people, and because they’re older, it feels like this may not happen again,” he told EW. “Sorry, I watched The Golden Bachelor last night so it’s top of mind, but you hear what I’m saying. It’s really about their relationship and can they trust each other?” To be perfectly honest, we don’t fully understand that connection, though we are happy that Glover is enjoying some ABC time in between creating shows and running a boba shop in Silver Lake whose website says “coming soon” even though it is currently open. Erskine, for her part, is particularly excited about those fart jokes. She told EW that a fart scene was her favorite part of the season. “That was really the most relatable moment for me,” she said. “It sounds sexy, doesn’t it?” Meanwhile, Glover doesn’t know what she’s talking about. “You know what’s so funny?” he asked. “I’m trying to figure out which scene she’s talking about.” The new Mr. and Mrs. Smith premieres on February 2, 2024, on Prime Video, in case you’re interested in the series as a whole or even just tallying fart jokes. Related

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