MultiLayer Switch to Ping different Switches and routers under different VLANs [on hold]

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Hey Guys,

So this is basically a small design of a made up university which has 3 campuses( the 3 routers).Each connected to 1 College(Switch) and each college connected to 3 other Schools(switches) and those connected to PC's. The Campus(router) in the middle has 3 Colleges instead of 1. I created a base VLAN 10 on all switches and by trunking them and giving acces I am able to ping every device within its own respective Campus. So for instance one of the Pc's can from the Middle Campus can ping anything within that Campus.

Now im trying to get them to pinng eachother so for instant a School(switch) on the far right shoould ping a Pc in the far left. I have a multilayer switch connecting the 3 Campus's(routers). NOTE:Each College(switches total in number 5 the ones connected to the routers) are each in a different subnet so for instant : 1. 2.

How do i configure the Multilayer Switch to establish connecting between all devices or should i take that off and is there any other way in achieving this?

I have also tried eigrp and ospf(teacher asked to use ospf so preferably would like to use that) but it doesnt seem to work as the networks are in differnt subnets. The best i got upto was the routers able to ping but the other switches and PC's connected to the respective routers do not ping.

Cannot change the design completely but willing to make small changes as my group came up with this when I was away and I have been sitting day in and day out configuring to the best of my knowledge with just little knowledge as im still a 2nd year uni student. Please help me out.

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