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‘My digestive system was a volcano’: indie star Youth Lagoon on surviving chronic illness to make a masterpiece

After taking heartburn medicine, Trevor Powers was laid low for months, his voice destroyed. He explains how music purged his darkest thoughts In October 2021, Trevor Powers went for a routine medical checkup, and after complaining of a minor stomach ache, was prescribed an over-the-counter heartburn medicine. “There’s no words to even describe the intensity of what it did to my body,” he says today. “It turned my digestive system into this mini volcano. Suddenly I was having vision problems … my whole body would just go completely numb and I could barely move.” He felt a prisoner in his own body and soon even singing had become impossible. “I lost my voice completely for months on end. I couldn’t speak.” When his brother visited that Christmas, he recalls, he could only communicate by sending texts across the room. Continue reading...

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