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My Thai mum keeps asking my bf to borrow money or for an allowance as she’s letting him date her daughter

I (23f) am half Thai half English and my bf (28m) is mostly English. I was born in the U.K. and my mum is fully Thai but moved here when she was around 19/20 living here ever since. My bf thinks she is being very rude. Like the title says she’s been asking through me if she can borrow money off my bf or joking (but I know she’s serious) about how she should get an allowance as he’s my bf.

He’s my bf of 6 months it’s not like we’re engaged or married so even if it was culturally standard I think it’s still to soon to ask that type of thing. Would it be any man who wanted to take me out on a date would need to give her money as well. She even tried negotiating me different value amounts (£100, £50, £30) a week which frankly is insulting.

She says it’s her culture. I’m not really that in touch with the culture and don’t follow the religion or beliefs etc due to her forcing it on me. Does anyone know if this is a real thing or is she just making it up ?.

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