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Need Help Setting Up and Sharing a wireless connection thru LAN cable [closed]

        I have 2 network adapters on my desktop. One is a wireless adapter and the other a LAC adapter. I used to just push movies from my desktop to my TV thru the DLNA. But now I am having network problems. I checked the share connection on my wireless adapter sharing properties to share with LAC. I manually setup all IPs. I gave the 1] <strong>WIRELESS ADAPTER</strong>, subnet, gateway 2] <strong>LAC</strong>, subnet, gateway 3] <strong>TV</strong>,,
I was able to push my movies on my desktop to my TV before without using the Internet. It has been a while and I have forgotten. Not sure where I am making the mistake. The TV doesnt get past the checking gateway. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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