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Netflix Is Getting Into the Anniversary Screening Biz

Netflix is coming for TCM’s lunch, or at least a small portion of it. The company announced that this year, they’ll be curating 50th (and 40th, and 30th, you get it) anniversary collections of classic movies with big anniversaries. On the service right now are films such as Blazing Saddles, California Split, Chinatown, and noted sax scene-haver The Conversation — all of which are celebrating the big 5-0. Is this because they bought LA’s Egyptian Theatre? The revival circuit is fun as ****, no wonder they want to get involved. First a stab at data transparency, and now this. What’s next, third seasons of their original TV shows?

In April the Milestone Movies collection will be highlighting films from 1984. Then 1994 will get its turn in July, and 2004 will be celebrated in October. So if you’re looking to watch twenty-year-old certified classic Torque, check Netflix in October.


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