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New approach to water leak detection

I am an electronics engineer and have developed an alternative approach for automated water leak detection in the smart home/building. There are already two methods on the market: i) smart metering that detects anomalous flow conditions and ii) contact moisture sensors. My approach uses the acoustics generated by pressurized water escaping from a crack, seam, or loose fitting. Stand-off detection is possible so a device can be mounted on a wall or ceiling similar to a smoke detector. It works best when it is not in contact with plumbing. Leaks as small as 0.01 gpm can be identified, depending on the ambient conditions. These claims have been independently verified by UL and a provisional patent is now in place. I have refined engineering prototypes over several years and have a lot of data.

The sensor is designed to run on battery power and communicate wirelessly with a central hub. No audio is streamed to the hub. Signal processing to detect leaks takes place entirely on the device -- eavesdropping on conversations (think home assistant like Alexa) is impossible. Data rates are ultra-low to give max battery life. The hub can adjust monitoring parameters depending on environmental conditions, such as time of day and building activity. This will affect sensitivity and dramatically reduce false alarms. Great places to deploy it are attics, crawl spaces, and inside sink cabinets. I am using BLE on the prototypes, but the sensor is agnostic to the RF protocol. The electronic parts (less radio) total about $25 in single unit quantities and cost would drop dramatically in production.

I am a tech guy, not a business person and do not have any contacts in the connected home industry. I am attempting to determine if there is any potential for a product. I am not looking to go into manufacturing, just trying to find an OEM partner or licensing opportunities. Please message me if interested or can offer some guidance.

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