New development of China long life grinding wheel

China long life grinding wheel is a special tool for grinding hard and hard materials such as cemented carbide, glass, ceramics and precious stones. In recent years, with the rapid development of high-speed grinding ultra-precision grinding technology, higher requirements have been placed on the grinding wheel. The ceramic resin bond grinding wheel can no longer meet the production needs. The metal bond grinding wheel has high bonding strength and good formability. Production has been widely used due to its long service life and other significant characteristics.

The metal bond diamond China long life grinding wheel mainly has two types of sintering and electroplating depending on the manufacturing method. In order to give full play to the role of super-hard abrasives, foreign countries began to develop a new type of grinding wheel by high-temperature brazing process from the early 1990s, namely single-layer high-temperature brazing super-hard abrasive grinding wheel.

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