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‘No one gave me the finger more than David Crosby!’ Legendary photographer Henry Diltz on shooting music’s giants

From the Doors to Joni Mitchell, he captured the greats. But Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young won his heart. The revered Californian photographer looks back – and reveals the ‘lost’ Harvest cover

‘Sometimes,” says Henry Diltz, “the great picture is the one that happens before you set everything up.” The legendary music photographer, speaking from his home in north Hollywood, has taken shots that became stamped into the annals of rock history. Not only was he was the official photographer at 1969’s Woodstock festival, he has also shot more than 200 album covers, including Morrison Hotel by the Doors, and has an archive that’s more like a Who’s Who of musicians. But it is his six-decade association with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young that means the most to him.

“Nobody ever gave me the finger more than David Crosby,” he says. “It was almost automatic. I’d raise the camera and he’d go like that.” He mimics the action. “But then he would break out into a laugh and I’d get a great shot.” He pauses, remembering his friend, who died in January. “I loved David.”

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