Noob networking problem with two wifi networks and two subnets [on hold]

        forgive me if I have missed something obvious, but I am struggling to find the answer to this for days.
Let me describe what I would like to achieve. My ISP is giving me a static ip and I am connecting this to an Archer C7 v2 wifi router with DD-WRT on it. This router will be used as primary wifi/lan network. One one port I have connected a 8-port switch with more ethernet device attached to it. First problem I have is that I can't see devices behind switch. Neither I can see them in DHCL clients list. And I have set static DHCP assignments for some of the devices behind the switch. And lets say that this should be on subnet 192.168.0.x. Next I would like to have a second wifi network just for my home automation devices to connect to (wifi bulbs, sonoff devices, etc). For second wifi I am using an Xiaomi Mi3 wifi router and its connected to second ethernet port on archer. Would like this network to be in a subnet 192.168.2.x. As last thing I would like that a server running home-assistant on first wifi network can control wifi devices connected to second wifi network. I hope I was clear enough. And would like to thank you in advance for any ideas how to set this thing up. Cheers

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