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Normally Closed Emergency Power Off UPS Wiring

Last updated on April 26, 2021

        We currently have a bunch of Tripp Lite UPS that we’re preparing to deploy emergency power off capabilities to throughout our network. I have been provided Normally Closed tail circuits to connect to our UPS equipment.
This is the diagram displaying the wire order from the voltage source. EPO Diagram Courtesy of Tripp Lite This is what the connection should look like with all of the components involved.
------+                                          +------
      |   5                                      |
      |-----------------_                        |
      |   4              >-----------------------|
      |-----------------¯                        |
      |   3                                      |
      |   2                                      |
      |-------X                                  +------
      |   1                                        EPO
      |-------X                                   SOURCE

I’ve been trying to come up with an graceful way of connecting these points.
How do I make this a reliable connection and look professional?
What have others done?

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