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Odd Dressing

One norm in my society dictates the way people have to dress in particular situations. Factors like modesty, flamboyancy, weather, gender, as well as many others, contributes to what becomes appropriate attire.  Therefore, for an experiment on social norm violation, I chose to disobey the norm of dressing. I picked this norm to violate from the fact that it was going to be harmless to me.  I also picked the restaurant from the fact that it was a place that always demands decency in dressing. At the restaurant, I would be able to get the best reactions for my norm violation.  I was also sure that I will be the unique person at the restaurant.

Odd Dressing
Odd Dressing







When my peers and I went out for a dinner, I decided to don in a Greek toga and not normal clothes. I put on me over the shoulder Greek toga and gladiator sandals. I similarly included a leaf crown, despite not putting it on all the time because of the uncomfortable effect of putting on. The outfit became slightly immodest, too breezy for how cold the environment was, and highly flamboyant and out of fashion in the restaurant.  As a result, it was clear that I was violating the norms of dress. Y friend were the first ones to enter. After they had settled, I made a majestic entry.

Many people stared at me. Fine, everyone glanced. All who saw me gave me a questioning look.  It followed chuckles, and a high-five as well as congratulations on my dressing. I also received looks of disgust.  Others remained perplexed that they never stopped staring, without any visible reaction. Most of it, I wondered over the many compliments I received. Some people asserted that they loved my dressing.

Despite the fact that I received much positive feedback, I felt somehow uncomfortable. I had never become a big fan of myriad eyes. I was terrified of the awkward thing I had done. Therefore, I felt a bit hot as well as out of sorts in the entire evening. So often I let out nervous laugh whenever I got compliments. However, I vastly enjoyed it. I may not be an attention seeker, but I enjoyed going against the norm. It remained hard to think up on what to carry out for my project since I so often went out of my way to search.

I am a poor social monitor. Therefore, I may be violating norms often. But it was a big, intentional, as well as odd display which helped me to feel the discomfort I felt while I was still younger.  Violating this norm meant more to me. It got me assume that all people have comfort zones, and unless others push past them, norm-violating won’t bother much. But mine pushed past my personal comfort zone.  Therefore, I could not assist but feel somehow ashamed.

After it all, I learned that the society has its social controls when it comes to norm violation. The glances I received as well as ironical compliments are one of the ways that ensure norm conformity. Similarly, norms can only be violated when the action gets done in the public. If at private places, it won’t attract any reaction. It was a good experience!

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