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Oh, Anthony Anderson’s Mama Is Actually Cutting People Off

Call that a mama-logue. After opening the 75th Emmy Awards ceremony by reflecting on some of his TV crushes in a musical parody of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, host Anthony Anderson delivered a warning to the 27 winners accepting awards tonight. “Now, normally on award shows we do what’s called play-off music, which everyone tends to ignore,” he threatened. “This year, I’ve got something that nobody can ignore: my mom.” His “play-off mama” is from the west side of Chicago, and she gave us a taste of her talent by getting up and cutting her son off. “I want to go to the afterparty,” she joked. “Hurry up.” But that’s just a bit. It’s just a bit, right?

Jennifer Coolidge was the first winner of the night to press her luck. When The White Lotus star went over time – “I want to thank all the evil ****” – accepting Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, Mama Anderson stood up with a crossed-out clock sign. “I love you, baby, but time,” she interrupted. Later, John Oliver when accepted an award for Best Scripted Variety Series, he said there was “no way” he wasn’t getting Mama Anderson to cut him off. She needs to save her energy for that afterparty. Let her rest!


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