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Magazine Creator; What Is A Digital Magazine Creator

Originally, before the magazine creator, magazines were designed to be read from the front to the back, just like any other book. And, just like most other books, the magazine creator allows the magazines to have covers as well as tables of contents. However, with the magazine creator, the magazine is usually not organized in a linear manner, with the magazine creator magazines are most often arranged more like a book with series of articles.

The portal is not linear and is not designed to be read like a like a book. The user may start with an article found on a search engine and hyperlink across the site within seconds. Furthermore, the portal doesn’t offer a table of contents, even though it is arranged categorically with related article and topic pages.

With the use of the magazine creator, the digital magazine is somewhat of a hybrid, it isn’t exactly an online magazine, even though it could be. The digital magazine comes in several formats. Digital editions are recognized as distributions of the magazines content through electronic means. A digital edition of a magazine should maintain the identity of its host publication by using the host publications brand characters.

Magazine Creator; Why Make Your Magazine Go Digital?

The magazine creator helps the magazine come to life when it goes digital, at which point by using a magazine creator the magazine can become an app and that is where it really becomes alive. Some publishers find that to be a bit scary. It is that instant, that ads are much more valuable to the advertiser because they now can be hyperlinked and clicked on for references on the web. And, to keep the editorial content from stopping at the end publish date, live content could simply be embedded into the magazine with a magazine creator.

Any magazine that isn’t ready to use a magazine creator for this transition has become outdated. Publishers that are ready to transition into becoming an app, launch a digital replica edition of their magazine using a magazine creator. The magazine creator makes a digital replica that is a mockup edition, often in PDF form, that readers can download onto a mobile device. Even though some readers enjoy this format, it requires them to zoom in by pinching the text to expanding it to read it, whereas most people prefer a scrollable text. The preferred digital editions include the replica plus as well as a reflow plus.

What’s more, the magazine creator creates a digital edition that is also offered as the magazines library on the web. The web magazine library offers subscriptions for a digital magazine or related print, allowing the subscriber to access the magazine online. These subscription websites most often require registration to gain full access to their site; they are organized by issue and offer their content online.

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