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Opensource blueprint for zero trust principles applied to autonomous vehicles.

Last year, we - Capgemini, Arm, and NetFoundry - created a blueprint for building zero trust principles using open source technology in autonomous vehicles. The objective was to accelerate innovation in software and the transition to new digital business models while ensuring the highest functional safety, reliability, and security. While it focused on autonomous vehicles, it could easily applied to any other IoT use case.

The main components include:

  • AWS Greengrass - an open-source edge runtime and cloud service that helps you build, deploy, and manage intelligent device software.
  • Arm Parsec - an open-source initiative to provide a common API to hardware security and cryptographic services in a platform-agnostic way
  • OpenZiti - an open-source project focused on bringing Zero Trust networking to any use case or application while closing all inbound ports from the internet.

We hope you find this interesting and please share any comments, questions, etc.

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