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OpenVPN does not connect outside network [closed]

        We have a small office setup, currently due to pandemic employees need to work remotely therefore we are tying to configure OpenVPN so they can access internal applications. Using following <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">tutorial</a> I'm able to connect openvpn from inside the office network. However if I switch to diffrent internet connection other than office network VPN does not connect. Wireshark shows P_Control_Hard_Reset_Client_V2.
Since I'm able to connect internally I don't think that there would be any issue on server side, however I think I am making some mistake while routing the UDP connection. We have a basic D-Link DIR-600M router where I have added internal server IP under Advanced and Private server option and port 1149 to be forwarded (All public IP request with UDP port 1194 to be route to UDP 1194 port). I also checked with ISP and they said that the port 1194 UDP is open. However if I try to connect using our public IP, OpenVPN does not connect. Any suggestions please?

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