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Our Cultural Beliefs Foster Disability

The belief that we are flawed and we need something external to fix us, is the most destructive belief in our culture.

If we think that all we need to do is take our current system, add psychedelics on top, and everything is fixed, then we are part of the problem.

If we look to gurus, shamans, and doctors to heal us. And give up our own responsibility for our life in the process, we are part of the problem.

Teachers and psychedelics alike can only show us a path. They can not walk it for us.

This idea that we need to relinquish control into the hands of someone or something external is what fosters our disability and inadequacy in the first place.

How can we be whole if we are in need of something outside of ourselves?

We must accept ourselves fully as the only ones capable of changing our lives and of healing ourselves.

Until we do that, we are flawed.

Listen to our podcast on this subject here.

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