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Overcoming a Fear

Overall, I believe fear is not a bad as it is occasionally made to appear. In case there was no fear, people would not be able to enjoy the excitements and thrills that are associated with the core attributes they fear. Fears are valuable in controlling as well as managing one’s determination and perseverance, with the prevailing assertion when it comes to the assessment of fear being the fact that it produces the worst in people. It has the consequence of making one feel powerless, weak and in pain instead of being the core attributes that gets up determined to achieve, the core attributes that makes imperative that I deal with my fears.

The need to be overcome my fear and ensuring that they do not dictate my interactions and associations is my main motivator in attempting to deal with the fair. The main fear that I still contend with and focused on overcoming is that of dogs. When I was little, I used of visits a friend of mine whose father used to rear dogs for sale. On this occasion, I failed to notify him that I would visit as the dogs used to be fierce and would thus be locked in whenever a visitor came. Coincidentally, their gate had not been locked, so I just buzzed myself in.

I had not locked the gate behind me when heard the loudest bark. On looking behind me, four German shepherds were charging at me, drooling all over and with fierce faces. I did not take the time to give them a second look but open the gate and ran into the streets screaming my lungs out, with the dogs chasing. I had not run very far from my friends home when one of the dogs tripped me and got hold of my right in its mouth as I was trying to shield my face. It was while the other dogs were arriving that my friend and his father came to my rescue. By then a crowd had gathered, with one of the ladies offering me a jacket as my clothes had been tattered. Soon paramedics came, and I was given an anti-rabies injection and later taken to hospital for more assessments where it was said I was okay to return home.

The incident created the greatest fear I have to date whenever I see a dog, irrespective of how small it is but I am currently focused on doing away with this fear. Even though there are other fears I face on a daily basis and would not wish to get rid of as they make me a better and more determined person, this one has become an impediment to my life. Fears, as failing and disappointing my parents, have been central to the success I have been able to realize academically. The incident with the dogs, however, has become an impediment to my progress, with there being constant cases of disappointment.

It is this fear that has made me decide to write this essay a means of illustrating my motivation in dealing with it. The assertion is that my addressing and consequently overcoming this fear, I am going to be in a position to lead a more complete and satisfying life. The fear has been curtailing my freedom in a huge way, with the additional issue of the happiness such as owning a dog as a pet being a no go zone for me. I have come to liken the situation with the fear that one has before they skydivers. Before one jumps, the overall feeling is that the parachute is not going to work, but the best way of dealing with this fear is facing it by jumping.

The assertion is that facing and consequently overcoming this fear is going to be the commencement of a period freedom for me. The issue I have to accept however the fact is that overcoming this fear is not going to be an instant affair. It is going to encompass some deliberate intention as well as conscious actions that will be directed at facing my fear. The resultant impact of overcoming this fear includes the fact that I will be able to grow as an individual moreover expand the possibilities that surround my life.

It is in the assessment of the need to overcome this fear that I have device a plan of how I am going to resolve the situation. The first step is going to encompass taking time out by distracting my worry every time I see a dog in our neighborhood. Whenever my heart starts beating faster when I see a dog, and my palms start sweating, I will relax and ensure that it follows. I will stay where I am and let the panic coming in without overly trying to distract myself or pretend that it is not present. I will be placing my palms on my stomach and start breathing slowly moreover, deeply, with the goal, in this case, being in ensuring that assist my mind to cope with the panic, thus taking the fear away.

The next step is going to be informed by the fact that the cases whereby one tends to avoid the fear; they have ended up becoming even scarier. Thus the issue, in this case, is going to encompass facing my fear as the way of ensuring that it starts to fade. As the saying goes, if one panics getting into a lift, imperative that one gets backs into the same lift the following day. Trying to imagine the worst that could occur is and chasing it, the assertion, in this case, is that the fear is going to run way the more i seek to realize the fear.

Challenging the fear will additionally be the strategy I will be employing whereby, I will attempt to come near a dog and seen what happens. Looking at the statistics of the individuals who have been hurt by a dog is going to be one of the strategies I will be employing to assess the fear. Further, asking me what my friends could say about the situation especially the ones that have had a similar situation and even assessing what I would tell a friend who has faced a similar situation in the form of advice.

Ensuring that I do not attempt to be perfect in addressing this fear is going to be a strategy further I will be employing to overcome the fear. The assertion, in this case, is that there are numerous stresses in life and that although some of us seek for a perfect life, it is not attainable. I have to accept the fact that bad days, as well as setbacks, are a common factor in life and that as I seek to deal with the fear, I always hold the assertion that life is a messy place with its stresses and fears.

Visualizing a happy place is going to be the additional strategy I will be employing with the idea being in closing my eyes and imagining of the place I consider safe and calm. The one I will imagine, in this case, is one that my family had gone to the beach and using it as a means of ensuring that I relax. Sharing this fear with my friends is going to be a major strategy in dealing with the fear, since talking about the fear has been proved to take away most of the scariness. Further, I will be using some of the hotlines, and social group people deal with such situations to get the help I need in overcoming the fear. Rewarding me is among the strategies I am going to use to deal with the fear, I as whenever I pass a dog and do not panic, I will be buying myself the best movie in town or a visiting a massage parlor.

Overall, one of the prevailing assertions is the fact that the fear of dogs that I experienced on that day has had an impact on almost all aspects of my life. My social life has been impacted greatly because I have been avoiding all friends with dogs, especially the ones that have them for pets and like walking them around. Additionally, visiting the parks, which used to be my favorite, has become nonexistent in my life due as I cannot visits the part due to the people who walk their dogs ion the park, with the mere presence of a dog being a major concern. 

The additional issue of my family failing to keep a dog as I cannot be in the same vicinity with the dog has impacted the entire family structure, an issue that leaves me hopeless. Other people especially the young ones, as well as age mates who often make fun of me, has additionally affected me psychologically, lowering my self-esteem and occasionally almost leading me to depression. It is the assessment of some of these issues that leave me greatly motivated to address and consequently overcome the fear. Leading a normal life and visiting the places and friends I used to visit is my core focus and the determination is not going to be undermined by anything.

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