What culture do these foods best belong to?


I am thinking of opening a cafe/diner. I want to have a theme, for the menu, and atmosphere. I would hate to do one of those american Hawaiian german food mashup places. That’s just wrong.

I’m wanting to keep it simple. Offer a selection of bagels, crepes, french toast, maybe 1 more item as far as breakfast goes.

Same idea for lunch/dinner, and offer simple pastries as well. I firmly believe people are more satisfied with less options, plenty of studies to support it. When asked if they believed they picked the right flavor of icecream, when presented with 3 everyone was happy. When presented with 20 everyone wasnt satisfied with the flavor they chose.

I want this to be a nice atmosphere, more of a panera feel. Not a fancy sit down place, but not fast food. A place you can come read over coffee in the morning, study late at night, or go out with friends.

But the idea falls on a theme to pick and run with, and simple easy food items.

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