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Wireshark not capturing on HTTP websites

I'm using wireshark on a local HTTP website but it is not capturing the password. It only captures the username. What should I do to capture both on wireshark? I'm using a Debian-based linux distro.

Ocean Photographer of the Year 2021 winners – in pictures

From Western Australia to Norway, photographers around the world capture animals and plants in their natural environment – and under threat from human activity• Deep impact: the underwater photographers bringing the ocean’s silent struggle to life Cont...

Where Did It All Go So Wrong for Juul?

A new documentary by The New York Times traces the e-cigarette maker on its path from fledgling start-up to Silicon Valley juggernaut and, eventually, public health villain.

The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society

The liberation of women from and out of patriarchy has meant that women are afforded the same opportunities, rights, and respect as men. Read the article on Mania Inc. at

Tools to Teach Your Children How to Set Healthy Boundaries for Fulfilling Friendships

 by Christina Furnival Each morning we send our children to school with a cheery message that goes something like, “have fun and be nice.” In hopeful anticipation, we await their end-of-day report where they share stories of a fun-packed day of structured learning, loving friendships, fun playground games, and warm-hearted belly laughs. Fortunately, this happens...
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Your Awesome New York Kids Weekend: September 24-26

Your Awesome New York Kids Weekend: September 24-26 It’s never too early to start planning for another awesome weekend in NYC! Take your family apple picking, grab tickets to play a round of mini golf at Pixar Putt, or sign your kids up for a taekwondo class. Looking for family activities around the city that...
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