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Viagra– A Fabulous Drug to Deal with Impotency What do most mass media companies and advertising agencies do best? Perhaps, they raise the interest level and provide full entertainment that is characteristically male standards. To influence the mind of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, Viagra had to ooze coolness and perfection at the same time. This anti-impotence pill, which is also referred to as Sildenafil…

How to Keep your Social Media Management

Post regularly but with an eye for the realistic. If you are running a business, you likely have very little time to spend on social media management. What is more important than a heavy posting schedule is a consistent one.

Are "ad-hoc" networks always wireless?

We see that almost always the term of “ad-hoc networks” comes with WSN (Wireless Sensor Network). Does it mean an ad-hoc network must be always wireless?

If we define an ad-hoc network as follows:

“An ad hoc network is a…