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Looking for thoughts on this. I don’t know if it’s a valid feeling or not

Okay so to begin with, I'm white. A little about me, i prioritize learning and knowledge. I play many different instruments, (trombone, vibraphone, baritone, piano, *****, etc), I'm an artist and realism is my favorite, I love learning about religion and keeping the practice of my mixed white cultures alive. I'm primarily Italian, German and French. I am pagan, a practicing Witch, and associate with the Gothic subculture. This being said, i want you to keep this all in mind when i ask this question. I feel as if simply existing as a white person is automatically associated with white supremacy and hate and ******. I don't know how to feel about it because i love to learn about others and i want to be able to not appropriate cultures but I'm confused as to what i can do as a white person that isn't appropriation by another culture. I know that my Italian side is very in depth to their traditional art, it is where my love for old/classical music came from, and i could go on forever. But my question is is it valid to feel like a target as a white person? I would prefer other people from other cultures to answer this. I feel as if i do my best to educate myself on matters, but i guess that isn't for me to decide, and besides there is a lot that isn't shared and isn't meant to be shared from other cultures. For instance hairstyles, specific religious practices, and the association with stereotypes. I respect the fact that what isn't mine, simply isn't mine as a white person. I however also feel that it's getting yo the point that there are people out there (i know some irl) that simply despise white people simply because they are white. I'm seeing more and more in media about white people asking questions about culture and that they don't understand something and the responses are "it's bc your white" or "yt" if you're on tictok. I don't know if I'm the only one that feels this or not, but it feels derogatory, even if i feel that i hadn't had anything to do with the situation, not even asking. I want to respect others cultures and i want to make sure i do what i can to not steal it or put others down but i feel almost like being white is automatically associated with murderers or the bad policemen or white supremacy. I don't want that at all, and i hate feeling like its become a stereotype. Is this a valid thought and feeling? I don't have control over my ancestors and what they did. I deeply apologize for what they did and what some of them still do to other cultures. I just want the fighting and the hatred to stop on all ends though. Please tell me your thoughts. I would like to hear. If it is valid, then i thank you for your reasurement, and if not then i apologize for my selfish thought. Thank you

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