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OSPF cannot communicate inter-area

I'm new to the networking world, and I'm trying to make a simple example yet I can't seem to get it to work.
What I'm trying is just to make 2 routers situated in different areas to communicate (ping) using another router in ...

Why can’t I do a reverse DNS lookup on this IP address? [closed]

I keep noticing that web pages I have open are exchanging messages with third party servers without my permission. This is somewhat annoying, and I would like to find out which pages they are so I can close them. I copied an IP address -...

DSL upload link breaks down. Where to look and not to look?

In a small office where I set up the network, we recently started to experience WAN problems on the (V)DSL line. Specifically, up to three times per day the upload link breaks down to almost zero resulting in problems with an...

Are there any global network other than the Internet?

I found this definition of Global Networks:

Currently does any Global Network exists (apart from Internet)? Can someone Quote some examples? Or non-global but on a country-wide scale(ATM network maybe)?

Doesn't every othe...

Which switch MAC addresses are used for the Bridge ID in STP?

Lets imagine that I have big LAN environment with many switches and many VLANs, for example, VLANs 5,15 and 50. I have PVST+ activated, and all of my switches have same (STP) priority.

I connect a new switch, with factory de...

Connect to switches with the same IP

We used to have one site with one Cisco switch to which a RANCID server was connected to take configuration backup.

A new site was opened, and we have another switch on this new site. The sites have the same IP network addre...

Preempt in ASA a/s fail over

As there is no option for preempt in ASA active/standby configuration, does anyone have a suggestion for a workaround to confirm that primary ASA will always be active when it is up?

Raw-Ethernet Frames

Recently I was puzzled by the following articles about Raw-Ethernet frames:

RAW ethernet vs. UDP
Message Passing Using Raw Ethernet Frames

Briefly, both of them discusses that it is possible to establish a point-to-point co...

Cisco Packet Tracer (overlap error)

Last time i had many mistakes this time the problem is on in the cardif but i dont get it i do the math and the resuls are right.