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Trouble inserting static route into OSPF ASBR

Networking community,

I was hoping someone might be able to provide me with some assistance in configuring one of my routers. Diagram below:

Current configuration: The PfSense firewall is configured to hand out addresses...

SVI Inter-vlan routing

I have 2 3560G switches and im trying to ping the other vlan on it but wont get the packets.

here is my config

switch #1

Switch#sh run
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 1946 bytes
version 12.2
no servic...

How to put special characters on ssid

Refer to the picture above. I would like to add the word "FREE" for my SSID. How do I do that? I've seen this ssid around my area but I don't know how to implement it on my router.

Problem with an n-host, zero-switch topology in mininet

I am experimenting a bit to gain a better understanding of Mininet and Openflow. I have built a topology with n hosts in a line and no switches. Strangely, host 1 and host 2 can ping each other but the remaining hosts can't.

Unblocking of skype in Fortigate

I have fortinet fortigate 40c. It is not a bundle product. We use it to unblock 300 of our websites and rest are all blocked by default. Now, we want to unblock skype. The problem is just specifying to unblok doesn'...

Static NAT doesn’t work

I'm trying to let computer from Internet to get access to the external DMZ(Server Mail and Server FTP) so I translated the address of the internet network like :

ip nat inside source static
ip nat i...

Connect to wireless network on different subnet

I have a lift motor that has an app that allows me to move the lift up and down. The lift creates its on Wi-Fi network with a default gateway of
My existing network is, I have a nano station that is n...

Advertise downstream customer-owned /24 without BGP-Peering

First post, so I apologize if I don't lay things out clearly, or if this is the wrong forum.

We are a small/regional ISP. We have a customer who has a couple of /24s (not purchased through us), and they would like us to announce these /24...

How do you ping between VLANs?

I have created VLANs on the layer 3 switch and I would like to ping between them, how do i do so?

I would like to allow VLAN 2 to ping VLAN 3, how? What command should I use?

new#sh ip interf brief vlan 2
Interface ...