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Network distribution/core design implementation

Can the Cisco 3650 do the job of distribution/core layer?

We have at least 250 devices that will be connected to the network.

More info :

The Cisco 3650 is needed for inter-vlan routing.

Gigabit NIC stuck on 100mbs

My main problem started when i installed 4 gigabit NIC into my computer.

The 4 NIC are connected to GB linksys switches, each in different location,1 of the 4 gives GB and the others are stuck on 100 mbs.

When i move the ca...

How to C3850 activate license to ipservices

We have Cisco C3850 running ipbase license recently we decided to run BGP protocol for that we need ipservices license.

Question: Do i need to buy new license or i have already that i just need to activate using right-to-us...

Mirroring Ports on a Cisco 3750 Stack

We have a stack of 6, 48 port 3750 cisco switches and I would like to setup mirroring across the stack to send the data to a network analyser. I have done mirroring before on a single switch, but never on a stack of swtiche...

Why does IKE use UDP instead of TCP?

Why does IKE use UDP, and handle any retransmission itself?

(Larger IKE packets may cause UDP fragmentation and are dropped by some ISPs: IKE over TCP.

Cisco switch not showing MAC flapping messages

I have two Cisco switches in the same VLAN, physically connected to each other. One of the switches is a 3650, and the other is a 4948. On the 3650, I can see MAC flapping messages between 2 ports, one of which is the port that has the ca...

Dell PowerConnect Firmware Update / Kemp VRRP

We just ran into the same problem outlined in this post:

KEMP load balancers using UCARP (VRRP) - multicast MAC address not being picked up

The only work-around that I was able to do was to disable the "User Virtual MAC Add...