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I always have an interest in sciences and particularly chemistry. My passion started when I was in high school and was very fascinated with chemistry; thus, I developed an urge to pursue a career involving chemistry. However, when I started my university education, my passion for biology developed; thus, I decided to select a career that combined these two sciences together. In this case, Pharmacy was the best option because it brings together chemistry and biology and it has a direct effect on the lives of people in the community. Today, pharmacy is much more involved with the patients, and they are becoming more accessible to the community and I am looking forward to pursuing a career that involves lifelong learning.

There is a lot that I have learned in the subjects that I have been taking which I believe will be beneficial to a career in pharmacy. I am a good listener, good decision-maker, and I also have excellent communication skills. Being an immigrant, I did struggle a lot in my first year of college because I had to learn and study some courses such as chemistry, math, biology, and English from the beginning and I had no background information on the new language. However, I did put much effort and through my commitment to learning, I managed to finish my first semester with a 4.0 GPA. I took a biology class in senior year in college which was a bit challenging because we were competing with the master’s students in earning high grades. I managed to complete this course, and I believed that I had the ability to push my abilities to achieve my goals. Despite the course being challenging, I managed to excel, and I believe that I can also succeed in my pharmacy school.

I have managed to gain skills and experience through working in different workstations. I have been volunteering in hospital labs and also pharmacies where I worked together with the staff in completing several duties. In summer 2004, I did volunteer in an independent pharmacy where my duties involved answering phone calls, stocking drugs, checking dues dates, and also cleaning. I understand that the duties I performed did not much apply to my career; however, I managed to interact and also observe how other pharmacists were conducting different roles. My experience in this pharmacy helped me to solidify my decision of pursuing a career in pharmacy. Through interacting with staff in the business, I managed to improve my communication skills and also gained invaluable interpersonal skills combined with the ability to work as part of a team. I also worked I different pharmacy settings such as CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Hospital Pharmacy. Working in these facilities provided me with an opportunity of observing how pharmacies operate.

The experiences I gained from the different work setting have helped me to become a self-motivated, enthusiastic, and also confident person who is not just result driven, but is also aware of the need for adopting a holistic approach towards situations. The exposure I achieved when volunteering as pharmacists enabled me to acquire responsibility that is necessary for pursuing a career in pharmacy. Thus, I believe that while studying to become a pharmacist, I will incorporate most of the skills that I learned while I continue acquiring more knowledge. While I was working in different facilities, I learned a lot about the field of pharmacy that I never knew. I worked together with other volunteers and staff, and one major thing I learned was how to work under pressure in a high demanding environment. There were times that we were very busy in the pharmacy, and through collaboration with other staff, we managed to accomplish our duties accordingly. Through observing, I realized that a pharmacist tends to have a lot of responsibilities as being a trusted individual in taking care of someone’s health. An individual does not have a chance to make a mistake because they are dealing with the health of someone and one cannot take chances.

Pharmacy tends to appeal to me because it involves studying about health and chemical sciences that I am usually passionate. I will also have a chance of taking care of other people and ensure that I have a positive impact on their well-being. At home, my parents tend to stress highly on the values of working hard and never taking anything for granted in life. My parents are usually there to provide us with the support that we need and always motivate us to go ahead and achieve our dreams. Thus, I believe that with the support from my family and also my friends, I will be able to complete my studies successfully and pursue my career in pharmacy. The profession of pharmacy is desirable for me as it offers several areas of practice through incorporating healthcare, science, direct patient care, and also the opportunity of working with other healthcare professionals.

I am looking forward to working hard and learning from other professionals in the field so that to gain the necessary skills needed to be successful in the field of pharmacy. My experience as a volunteer also helped me to advance my communication skills, which helped me to interact with different people in different situations. I also understand the different consumer problems that a pharmacist has to deal with, and I believe that it is necessary for a career in pharmacy. 

Putting my studies aside, I have a passion for football as I usually play for my school team. I am very enthusiastic about helping other people, and I usually participate in the monthly marathon for charity. I also enjoy camping where I usually plan various camping events with my family and friends in the countryside. I also like socializing and meeting different people from a different background to me because it usually helps me to learn more about them and also their cultures.

I understand that a pharmacist plays a key role in the society, and they are valued members of the community. After completing my degree, I will be able to use my passion for helping other people with broadening my knowledge. With the experience and knowledge that I have been gaining over time, I believe that pursuing thing career will provide my life with satisfaction and meaning. I learned the important attributes of becoming a pharmacist that include caring, dedicated, compassionate, and confident and I planned to foster this attributes in my education. I am a reliable, enthusiastic, and determined person and I am would like to have an opportunity to study pharmacy in this university if given the chance.  

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