Photo Blur Effects to Edit Your Picture Into Works of Art

How to soften an entire photo with one click

Let’s start simple and blur the whole pic. Photo Editor’s Soften effect gives a subtle, downy fuzziness to images. You can use it to add an all-over blur to any image in a single click— sweet, you’re done! See you next time. Or, if you want to be a little bit choosier, you can also use Soften like a micro-targeted laser beam of blur, using the Erase & Brush palette and following section number two below.

Pro tip: Use the Softness slider to either seriously blur your photo, or dial back the fuzziness. If it’s super-mega-ultimate blurriness you seek, layer on another coat of Soften after you click Apply.

Use Bokeh effects to add blurry soft lights

Simply put: bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the out-of-focus points of light in a photo’s background or, as we like to say, it’s the magical-mystical-fairy-light-wonder effect. Online Photo Editor’s Bokeh textures gives you tons of ways to customize this brilliant look.

In the Textures tab (woven diamond icon) you’ll find the Bokeh category containing six beautifully blurry options ready to light up your design. The adjustment options are crazy abundant with the ability to make the effect larger or smaller with the Size slider, deepen or lighten the color richness with the Saturation slider, or choose to make the effect more or less transparent with the Fade slider. As with the selective softening we described above, you can also paint the bokeh texture onto specific parts of your image using the Erase & Brush palette.

“That’s amazing, did you make that yourself?!”

—Everyone, when you join Picture Editor.

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